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[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

Great series on the storms really get a feel for what was going on there.....the weather here is a little more even tempered which is good for safty purposes but at times a little boring....another great series of photos. Phil


wow... tht a floating raft?
obviously there are too many of them on it...

hmmm, thank god everything is alright, and they are fine

Paxton Prints

Love the burst of colors here!


this is an accident waiting to happen. have we not learned from previous accidents where people and children died because the make shift raft boat sunk. along with the statues they were worshipping. hindsight is 20/20


The Philipine people is incredible.
They are in such a precarious place and probably dangerously but so happy they. Good series.^.


what a lovely explosion of colors.

Chris Vallancourt

Wow! That raft is intense. It looks like a floating church.


People are often with many close together in the Philippines, that's the impression I get. I don' know if that impression is correct, maybe it is because of the sort of events you're reporting about.


Very impressive capture as usual!


Wow, what amazing photos! So colorful, and the people look so happy! I would've been claustrophobic! :-)


more amazing stuff, sorry for getting to technical here Sidney


Great series of images. It's like a geography lesson each time I return. Mal


Kinda scary to think that the bamboo platform might sink!


Wow! good thing that vessel could hold that many! Great capture once again!


That's crazy and unbeliveable that so many people on just one raft! Crazy!!


let's hope there's no waves coming! marvellous series - as ever.


This looks like fun! I like the big guy waving :).


Everyone looked so cheery in the picture, I love the expressions!


Stardog Champion

This looks like such a unique and lively festival. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.


such a big raft!


Thats a lot of people out there....must ahve been fun.

Ashwathy Nair

Lovely pictures...

Wim van der Meij

Fabulous custom and great photos of it, esp. the first two.
Also: thank you Sid for visiting and commenting on my blog all the time!


Sydney, nice! I love to see people enjong themselves. Even he guys giving the middle finger salute look to be having fun


unbelievable raft. it can hold so many people and they don't have any life vest at all.

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